Projects and Committees

Immigration Reform

In coordination with a national JwJ campaign, SCIJwJ is working in coalition with other groups in our region to build support for comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship and strong worker protections. For more information, e-mail:


Indiana Coalition for Public Education – Monroe County and South-Central Indiana

SCI JwJ members liaise regularly with ICPE – MC+SCI and have done so since the latter’s founding in the winter of 2011. Click here for information.


Minimum Wage

SCIJwJ has joined a statewide campaign to persuade our Congressional representatives to pass the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013. For more information, e-mail:


Move to Amend – South-Central Indiana

SCI JwJ members liaise with Move to Amend – South-Central Indiana. Click here for information.


Student Labor Action Project (SLAP)

College campuses have become an important battleground for addressing economic inequities. Colleges and universities employ large numbers of people - graduate students, janitors, cafeteria workers, and professors - and so have power over the quality of life of entire communities. These institutions are also large purchasers - spending billions of dollars each year on everything from sweatshirts to books to building materials. They can therefore control the standards under which the good they purchase are produced. And, of course, universities and colleges have the responsibility to provide quality education to a diverse student population. Throughout the U.S., students are fighting for a voice in decisions on important issues such as how their tuition money is spent, how the institution behaves as an employer and member of a community, and who has access to higher education.

The Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) is a joint initiative of Jobs with Justice and the United States Student Association that engages students in social and economic justice campaigns. Student Labor Action Project has created a model for students and workers to come together, build lasting organizations that challenge institutions that continue to perpetuate injustices in our communities. With this model, students are maximizing their power by building strong economic justice groups on campuses, participating actively in their local Jobs with Justice coalition and working to affiliate their campus with the mission and structure of United States Student Association. SLAP at Indiana University works closely with South-Central Indiana Jobs with Justice.

For more information, e-mail:


Wage Theft Committee

The Wage Theft Committee conducts research, does public education, organizes direct action targeting repeat offenders, and strategizes legislative and community-policing remedies for the wage theft problem in our region and state.

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Wal-Mart Campaign Committee

The Walmart Committee executes actions in coordination with national JwJ’s Change Walmart, Change America” campaign.

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Workers’ Rights Board

Click here for information on the Workers’ Rights Board.