Rally for Affordable Insulin at Eli Lilly Shareholders Meeting (Indy)

Monday, May 7, 2018 - 10:00am

T1International, an organization of persons with Type 1 diabetes, and Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, host action at Eli Lilly’s shareholder meeting. Nicole Smith-Holt, who wrote this remarkable article about her son dying last year due to his inability to afford Eli Lilly’s insulin, which increased in price over 1,000% in recent years, will attend. At 10AM, Nicole speaks to media outside Lilly HQ and then attends the shareholder meeting with an ICCR representative (ICCR members hold Lilly stock) to address the CEO and Board of Directors directly. CFLC supported this successful action at Lilly HQ last September. It attracted national attention and continues having impact. This meeting is an opportunity to build on that momentum.   We would love to have you and your membership involved! Fran Quigley,People of Faith for Access to Medicine (PFAM)

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