Medicare for All March

Monday, July 24, 2017 - 6:00pm

Medicare for All March/Rally      July 24th, 6:00-8:00

Meet at Rose Hill Cemetery 6pm (930 West 4th St. Bloomington IN 47404)  

March (roughly 6:30pm) to Courthouse Square


Medicare FOR ALL March!

 On Monday, July 24, at 6:00 PM, Democracy for Monroe County (DFMC), in coalition with Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan (HCHP), will be staging a march and rally in support of the establishment of Medicare for All.  The march, which will start out at the entrance to Rose Hill Cemetery at 6pm (corner of Fourth and Elm Streets in Bloomington) and end with a rally at the Monroe County Courthouse Square, will coincide with similar marches all over America in a campaign called Millions Marching for Medicare for All. Our first speaker will be Indiana's most visible and active single payer activist Dr. Rob Stone, then some folks who will give their own personal testimonies about lack of access to adequate healthcare. We also invited congressional candidates in the ninth district for short speeches in support of Medicare for all.


We currently have four congressional candidates who have confirmed that they support Medicare-for-All and have asked to be there. Their willingness to speak out is an unprecedented occurrence in the history of the 9th congressional district. This includes Dan Canon, a Civil Rights Attorney from New Albany, Tod Curtis, an Orthodontist from Bedford, Tom Pappas In Instructor at Indiana University in Bloomington, and Liz Watson, Policy Analyst for the Democratic Party who is from Bloomington. We also invited Trey Hollingsworth but have yet got a response from him. All are candidates for the 2018 nomination in the Democratic party. A recent addition is Ian Forest Gilmore of The Shalom Center, in charge of helping the homeless and indigent, will address what the massive Medicaid cuts would mean to his community.  The ever-important struggle for the health care rights for ALL, not just the fortunate, are put in to perspective here:


“We believe that healthcare is an American issue, not a partisan one, because it is a right for all people, not just for those who can afford it,” said DFMC Chairman Robert Deppert. “For that reason,” he continued, “we invite everyone from Monroe and the surrounding counties, regardless of party affiliation, to join us in calling for America to join the rest of the industrialized world by establishing universal healthcare for its citizens.


HCHP Director Rob Stone M.D. added, “We are starting our march at the Rose Hill Cemetery because people will die if the bill being considered by the Senate passes.  It is a massive tax cut for the wealthy paid for by gutting Medicaid and will lead to millions losing their health insurance, which we know means that in turn, thousands will die of preventable, treatable illnesses.”


We are at a dangerous crossroad. Our health, and lives of all dear to us are at stake. Will you join in the fight?


As always, we encourage all to share this important event with your members, friends, and community. Details available to share and invite friends via Facebook event: Millions Marching for Medicare-for-All Bloomington  Can't wait to see you there!!


Robert Deppert- Chair of DFMC-   812-345-2456

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