Why TPP is Bad for Workers and the Environment--and What You Can Do About It

(Adapted from remarks by IU Professor Joe Varga in 2016.)

The Trans-Pacific Partners;hip is not the 21st century gold standard of trade agreements he claims. The TPP will not create jobs and improve the US economy. Here are some facts and a point-by-point analysis by Public Citizen.

Also, a good analysis on climate and the environment by the Sierra Club.

If we defeat the TPP, we can defeat the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement). These are the trifecta of secretly negotiated free trade agreements being used to advance global corporate rule.

Remember under Fast Track and passed by Congress, June 2015, Congress cannot hold regular hearings and cannot amend the TPP. Congress can only vote "yes" or "no" and the TPP passes by a simple majority.

Please take these actions...


Tell the US Trade Representative the TPP is bad for workers

Don't be intimidated. Here are:

•    Instructions and information for writing and submitting a comment on labor employment to help you

•    Specific information on South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement and jobs

•    Public Citizen's analysis (see page 16)

Join the Buycott for Trade Justice. Here's information on what the "Buycott" is all about. And, be sure to sign up your Branch.

Keep working on getting those NO-TPP Resolutions passed by your city or county councils. Learn how and for good examples read the two resolutions passed by the Richmond, CA City Council here. For more specific information call Nancy Price, Davis, CA 530-758-0726. The AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, the Alliance for Democracy are working on getting at least 100 resolutions passed in the next two months. Please join this local effort in coalition with local labor, environmental, health, senior, climate and other groups. When a City or County Council passes a "NO TPP" Resolution that's a very important political statement and can influence the vote of the local Congress member. And that city or county council vote is a statement for often many hundreds of thousands of grassroots citizens. The New York City council passed a resolution representing a population of over 8 million voices. It all adds up.Put your city on the map.