Walmart Workers Seek Help in Their Fight for Better Wages


Making Change at Walmart

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I work at Walmart in Alexandria, VA. Even though I work for the richest family in America, I struggle to pay my bills and provide for my two young children. Because Walmart won’t let me work full time, I don’t get health benefits and can’t afford to see a doctor, so I go to the emergency room when I need medical care. And I’m not alone. Low wages and inconsistent hours force too many of my coworkers to turn to government programs like food stamps and Medicaid.

We’re fed up, and we’re coming together to call on Walmart to commit to $15 an hour and full-time schedules. Workers from more than 2,000 stores have stood up to the strong-arm, bullying tactics Walmart uses to silence workers and signed a petition, and if Walmart doesn’t respond, we need our community supporters to turn up the pressure this Black Friday. We're also taking action to protest the illegal intimidation of workers who speak out for better wages and working conditions.

We’re putting it all on the line to stand up for their rights, and we need your help to get our message out.

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Walmart can afford $15 an hour and full-time schedules. The company made more than $16 billion in profits last year alone. The Waltons are the richest family in America with more than $150 billion in wealth. Collectively, they have as much money as 43% of American families – combined. But instead of giving back to the workers who built their fortune, the Waltons and Walmart have all too often punished those of us who speak out for fair pay and respect.

As the owners of the world's largest private employer, the Waltons do more than almost anyone else to push the broken, unequal business model that's increased inequality to the highest levels since the 1920s. But workers across the country have been fighting back, and Walmart workers have been at the front, launching huge protests challenging the Waltons' greed.

Our allies are planning huge protest on Black Friday to show the Waltons that the public is standing with the workers.

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Thanks for your support,
Fatmata Jabbie
Walmart worker & Organization United for Respect at Walmart member